Vidhya V

Women's rights or Human Rights?

What is freedom for women!? The right to get educated? The right to choose her partner? The right to choose the way she wants to lead her life? No! The reality is far more behind... And you wont beleive women in the rural parts of India are struggling for even more necessary rights! Oh! What can be more necessary rights than the above mentioned?.

Yes, Many women and especially female children suffer from malnutrition not because of famine or food scarcity but because of age old customs and house rules the so called etiquetes! where female house member is treated inequally and mostly end up eating the remnants and at untimely hours only after every other memebrs are done with it and also after completion of household chores. So primarily here the rights for a proper food regimen is being ignored and this ignorance leads to malnutrition and health issues.

Secondarily No I cant them secondary but yet an another necessary right. For most of them the family and the society decides the reproductive age, when to have children, how many, which gender is prefered and finally she is rated considering all previously mentioned criterias and given reviews as either auspicious, unlucky, draught like, infertile, cursed or the intermediary types.

The next concern is about the marriage, is the marriageable age of eighteen and above for women is being considered, aren't there forced marriages, domestic violence, marrital rape, dowri harrassment, female infanticide and much more. But the answer is No! with an alarming statistics and the saddenning fact is the victims are subservient and think its quite normal, as a result a bully victim turns into an another one and the trend continues... So here the problem is deviating more towards "human rights" than a "women's right". And where is the end for all of these? What do we do living in a better but ignorant society?

There is a famous saying stating "If you educate women you educate the entire family" Here the fact is Yes, but only if someone listenes to her. Here first we should take up the initiative to educate families after families as to how to treat every other fellow human being with equality and dignity.

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Violence and discrimination against women starts at home but it surprisingly does not end at home but results into nationwide issues like rape, sexual violence and child abuse Well here you can ask me wheather the family or society teaches how to rape, or abuse ? Ofcourse No. But the same society treats marriatal rape and domestic violence as just a normal thing and keeps mum which indirectly promotes criminal activities and the offenders somehow try to convince it is justified. Case Study example- In December 2012 Nirbhaya rape case one of the accussed says that " Koi shareef ladki raat ki nau baje se aage ladke ke saath ghar se bahar nahi nikalti " Here the offender tries to justify his activity by maligning and questioning the victim's character by saying that no sane woman would go out with a man after 9pm.

So as a conclusion women empowerment and safety cannot be acheived just with educating women but by trying to educate the society.